Bits (not to be confused with the already commonly known term for smaller amounts of Bitcoin known under the same name) is the currency used on this site, 1 Bit for now on here will be 1 Satoshi, but that can change at any time.
Easy, click on a shortlink and complete it then whatever Bit(s) was associated to that link you will receive. Not every shortlink is similar in Bit value, some are more than others. Inviting others via your referral link will also earn you Bits. Currently you will earn 10% of whatever your referral makes.
We only allow 1 account for now, don't try making multiple accounts. When we find out you have more than 1 account (trust me, we will) ALL of your accounts will be banned and you will have wasted your time.
You can withdraw your Bits as BTC into your FaucetHub account OR Bitcoin wallet. Once you initiate a withdraw, no longer than 1 hour to 15 days it will be processed. Please don't contact us for payments before the due dates.
No, you are not allowed to use VPS, VPN, Proxy, or Adblock. If you decide any of these your Bits will be forfeit, and you may be banned . The sole reason for this is most Shortlinks won't count you as a viewer, it's not to invade your privacy at all. we will never share any of your information.
Depends, you can't be logged in on other platforms at the same time. Also, if your IP changes you will also be logged out.
Most likely VPN or multiple accounts, contact us via the contact form if you feel you've been wrongly banned.
We remove users after 30 days of inactivity to save on website speed and load times. Removed users CANNOT be recovered, you've been warned.
Sometimes referrals will get suspended if they are suspected of using any VPS, VPN, Proxy or Adblock. Also, if you don't login in every 24 hours you will NOT receive any Bits from them.
First off, we will never just deny payment because we feel like it, (even if we do have the right to do so) and secondly, if your payment is denied, there is 100% a reason and it's usually to do with scammers/people who make multiple accounts OR their FaucetHub account is frozen.
If you have something that you want to promote that doesn't include scams, we are all up for that depending on what it is and the price you are willing to pay.. Contact us from the contact page and we will figure it out.