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Only one popup ad will be displayed as I need to make at least enough to run the site.

Also, Click here to visit my NEW Bitcoin PTC site.

As you might can tell, my other faucets have been extremely reduced as I can barley afford to run any of them. I have lost money in this Faucet/PTC endeavor.

I want to be fully transparent, i'm going through hard personal problem times and I don't know how much longer Easy Claim Faucet will be a thing, this domain is set to expire within a year and at this time I have no intentions of reinstating it, thanks for all that have supported me by being on this site and claiming every single day. I know it was far-fetched to have a donation button, I understand the only people on here themselves are trying to collect some extra money, and I was right, in the sense of being more transparent, for 3 months of having a donate button not one person has donated, and that's okay. To everyone who has been on here for even a second or even took the time to look at my site, thank you.

The 3 options below are still available to support me if wanted, don't feel obligated to. Donate with Crypto, visit my Faucet List, or Changelly, when you need to convert one currency to another. Every time you use the Crypto converter I get some commission and you get your full requested amount. Again, thank you all.


Easy Claim Zcash Faucet

Earn ZEC Satoshi

Balance: 400632 satoshi

104 satoshi every 1 minutes.
10 daily claims left.

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Recent Payouts

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t1XgQRnRGnb2P1VdCje7VEtjNRXdZEidvrp109 satoshi

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